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Discover this wonder-full world

I love sharing stories to spark more curiosity, joy, laughter, and wonder in others.

Through my presentations, you and your audience will discover:

  • How to overcome self-doubt and act towards a big, bold dream
  • How to push your luck and find boundless possibilities
  • How to explore new opportunities and wonder off the beaten path

I invite you to create extraordinary experiences, everyday.

Partying with Penguins

How to overcome self-doubt and act towards
a big, bold dream

How far would you go to chase your dreams? To the ends of the world?

In our lives, sometimes our greatest obstacles are our own negative voices. The ones that say “don’t”, “you can’t”, “you’re not good enough.” I hope your negative voice isn’t as bad as mine. Mine is a total jerk: “Hello darkness my old friend” – thank you Simon and Garfunkel. Well, I fight with this ‘friend’ a lot. And sometimes it wins!

In this presentation, I share the lessons I learned when I literally went to the ends of the world, the North Pole and the South Pole, and partied with the penguins. 

Despite achieving great success in my running, I had to fight my self-doubt every step of the way. I am an extreme non-athlete who has come last in almost every race I’ve done. How was I last, but not least? How did I tell that negative voice to ‘shut up already’ so that I could end up in Antarctica partying with the penguins? (Don’t let their formal attire fool you, they’re really just wobbly, stumbling, loud, and smelly – like your drunk uncle at your wedding.)

In Partying with Penguins, the audience will:

  • Learn how to address uncertainty when trying something new
  • Embrace tenacity and push through obstacles and self-doubt (no matter how often they come up)
  • Tap into what it takes to get started and be motivated
  • Use a 5-step framework to act towards a big, scary goal – now! (no matter how daunting or ridiculously unconventional)
  • Uncover a hidden skill… this one’s a surprise at the end

This presentation is designed for people who are looking for growth even though it might scare them. They want to try something new but their focus is on thoughts that hold them back. I will show them how to go from being mildly engaged to full of wonder, from a tad bit complacent to a whole lotta courageous, from vaguely satisfied to overflowing with joy.

Once people have reached the state of wonder and courage, they can step up to the start line, let loose, and feel the joy of partying with the penguins.

If you’re looking for a fun, inspiring, butt-kicker that can help audience members silence self-doubt and create a life that invigorates them, this presentation is for you.

This presentation can be in the form of a keynote, workshop or breakout session, in person or online. 


How to push your luck and find boundless possibilities

The definition of “push your luck” means to take a risk on the assumption that one will continue to be successful. It’s taking a bold stance, believing everything is going to work out. So, shouldn’t we all aspire to push our luck?

However, we are never encouraged to push our luck. No. In fact, this phrase is only used as a negative: “Don’t push your luck,” as though to warn us to not even entertain the idea of asking for what we want. Most of us feel that it would be too greedy to ask for more.

The self-limiting idea about luck: that luck is a finite resource. It’s not. What if I told you, you could bend the universe to your will (not in a super villain way, but an underdog taking on impossible odds kind of way). I want you to embrace pushing your luck and to voice what you want. Dare to ask the universe for too much.

In Luckpusher, the audience will:

  • Embrace the idea that luck is not finite, but self-perpetuating
  • Learn the 3-step process of being a #luckpusher when the world can be full of #luckpullers (and if they dare… attract more #luckboosters)
  • Define the barriers that are holding them back
  • Empower themselves with the idea: if it’s not impossible, what will it take?
  • Assess the cost of an opportunity if they don’t take action and whether the outcome is worth the price they need to pay

This presentation is designed for people who talk themselves out of their dreams. They want to overcome obstacles (not in an Olympic hurdler kind of way, more like not getting stuck in a turnstile kind of way), and need to identify what is holding them back.

If you’re looking for your audience members to dream the impossible dream, to fight the unbeatable foe, and to run where the brave dare not go – oh wait, these are from an Andy Williams song – this presentation is for you!

This presentation can be in the form of a keynote, workshop or breakout session, in person or online. 


How to explore new opportunities and
wonder off the beaten path

We all know the term wanderlust, right? The desire to explore the world. Now, let me introduce you to… drum rollsssssss… wonderlust: the desire to explore your mind. And in the immortal words of a world-renowned doctor… Seuss, “Oh the places you’ll go.”

What if you had boundless ideas at your disposal?

“What if” are the two words that begin every ridiculous, outrageous, adventure in life. Imagine if you approached life with awe and curiosity. Curiosity is the gateway that opens up endless possibilities. Imagine if you lived your life like a never ending bucket list.

In Wonderlust, the audience will:

  • Identify where boredom ends and curiosity flourishes
  • Cultivate a positive mindset that will reveal paths they didn’t know existed
  • Create a wonder-full (full of wonder) 4-step approach for problem solving
  • Tap into their infinite imagination and dream to the ends of the world
  • Create a never ending bucket list (oh yeah!)

This presentation is designed for people who are thirsty, hungry, itching, aching, and LUSTING for infinite possibilities. They’re tired of the same old, same old, and are ready to dive into the magic that life has to offer.

If you’re looking for your audience to explore new opportunities, break from the mundane, and create a more wonder-full life, this presentation is for you. Let’s wonder off the beaten path!

This presentation can be in the form of a keynote, workshop or breakout session, in person or online. 

Rethinking limits

How does a non-athlete, mediocre runner decide to attempt the world’s most difficult races? Not to mention the most costly?

This inspiring video showcases how Linh’s #luckpusher attitude led her to the start line and her humor and tenacity got her to the finish line.

Watch her funny (Linh-funny) and inspiring TEDx Talk!


Rave reviews

“Having Linh as the keynote speaker at our Women’s Wellness Fair celebrating International Women’s Day was an honour and a delight. What an inspiring presence, what an uplifting story for our participants. Everyone was left feeling empowered, confident in their self-worth and motivated to pursue their dreams, especially women, who understood that they are capable and can do everything they set their minds to.”
Event Organizer
“Engaging and funny in its delivery, Linh’s story reminded our delegates to look back with fondness, and look forward with hope. Our keynote speaker was incredible! Her speech and her session were both fantastic and very relevant to everyone, regardless of their position. I came away excited about setting goals and making changes for the first time in a long time.”
Audience Member
“The podcast with Linh was the most f***ing inspiring conversation I’ve heard in I don’t know how long!! She could have been irritatingly lucky, but she’s not – she’s impossible not to respect and like. A lot.”
Podcast Listener
“Linh’s session was my favourite because of her enthusiasm and encouragement to stretch our comfort zones and challenge ourselves.”
Audience Member
Looking Back, Moving Forward was the theme of our Southern Alberta Library Conference. A colleague suggested Linh as a potential keynote speaker after seeing her speak at another event. After reviewing Linh’s TED Talk, we knew that Linh would be the perfect fit for our conference! The spirit of resilience, intentionality, perseverance, and growth in Linh’s story was consistent with the theme of our conference.”
Event Organizer
“Linh’s message has had a lasting impact on our delegates, including myself. The relationships she forms with people are fast forming and authentic because she is a beacon of enthusiasm and encouragement; her genuine passion for life is utterly contagious when you’re around her.  Looking back on Linh’s message has inspired me to cultivate resilience and move forward with the pursuit of my goals. Thank you Linh!”
Event Organizer
“I was gob-smacked by Linh’s story. Throughout her very funny presentation ran the underlying theme of courage. Courage in the face of great mental, spiritual and physical challenges. In her presentation we laughed a great, great deal. Linh’s huge heart is only matched by her joyous approach to life. If you’re looking for a keynote speaker for any occasion, Linh should be your absolute first choice.”
Audience Member
“Working with Linh was fantastic! She was enthusiastic and customized her presentations to our audience. Many delegates listed her keynote and breakout session as the most beneficial aspect of the entire conference.”
Event Organizer